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1. Memokath stents

Memokath Stents

• Safe, Simple, Reliable
• Reversible Procedure
• No incontinence and no impotence
• No major surgery required
• Short insertion time
• Easy to insert and remove if necessary

Antimicrobial Foley Catheter

Antimicrobial Foley Catheter

• For prevention of healthcare associated infections
• The Bactiguard Infection Protection (BIP) Foley Catheter is an indwelling urinary catheter with Bactiguard coating which is proven to significantly reduce bacteriuria, symptomatic urinary tract infections and the use of antibiotics
• Biocompatible, Tissue-friendly and safe technology
• Can be used through the urethra or suprapubically for up to 90 days
• Available in both latex & silicon and are coated with hydrogel

Foley Catheterr (Bactiguard)

Foley Catether

4. Penile Pump

Penile Pump

• When medications and surgery fail, the Vacuum Therapy has a 98% likelihood of successfully managing your Erectile Dysfunction (ED)/impotence. The Vacuum Therapy System is safe and requires no surgery
• A powerful and effective electric pump with built in safety released valve
• Medical grade penile tube with comfortable adapter bushing
• An easy to operate ring-loading system
• State of the art elastomer tension rings (4 sizes) that are soft and comfortable, yet very strong and durable
• A 4 oz. bottle of water-soluble lubricant

5. Penile Prosthesis-1

Penile Prosthesis

6. KIM System

KIM System

• Knotless Incontinence Mesh System
• Unique Mechanical Properties
• Microelastic: Better tissue adaptability & less erosion
• Macrorigid: Better traction transmission & no elongation
• Shape Memory: Avoids deformation & higher effectiveness
• No knots, no microporous, less roughness, less erosion, less infection, less material, better tissue ingrowth

Anchorsure (Neo Medic)


• State of the art transvaginal sacrospinous fixation system:
• The Anchorsure system is a straight and thin device for a safe anchor placement at the sacrospinous ligament.
• The Achorsure system delivers a small anchor through the sacrospinous ligament providing a strong fixation and minimizing potential pain to the patient. It can be used for spinous fixation in the treatment of vaginal prolapse after hysterectomy (according to Amreich – Richter)

8. Needleless System (Neo Medic)

Needleless System

• A less invasive solution for SUI
• Same cure rate as TOT, minimizing post-operative pain
• Simple surgical technique, fast and easy placement
• Precise fixation and easy placement by minimal invasive surgery
• Macroporous, Monofilament & Polypropylene

9. TRT Remeex-Neo Medic-1

TRT Remeex

10. Uni Concave Balloon

Uni Concave Balloon

11. Cystostomy Kit

Cystostomy Kit

12. Catheter Valve

Catheter Valve

• Made of Silicone
• Can be connected to a catheter or a urine condom with the purpose of with the performing intermittent bladder-emptying
• The best possible elasticity and capacity of the bladder can be maintained
• Can be used for clamping as well as retaining of the bladder

13. PCNL


14. Suprapubic Puncture Set

Suprapubic Puncture Set

15. JJ Stent

JJ Stent

16. Tumor Stent

Tumor Stent

• The Tumor Stent is used for temporary as well as for palliative treatments of internal urinary drainage when tumors are present in ureteral tract
• Biocompatible polyurethane with low encrustation tendency and superior radiopacity for enhanced visualization.
• Soft and flexible for patient comfort, allowing prolonged indwelling period

Stone Basket (Allwin)

Tipless Stone Basket

Main PICTURE-Suru Irrigation Set

Irrigation Set

19. Trackfinder Bulb Irrigation

Trackfinder Bulb Irrigator

• Used during the endoscopy procedure for controlled, continuous or bolus irrigation
• Both continuous and bolus irrigation
• Light weight and easy to handle
• Luer lock for ease of connection



• Safe, Simple, Reliable
• Reversible Procedure
• No incontinence and no impotence
• No major surgery required
• Short insertion time
• Easy to insert and remove if necessary




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