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1. AG1010

AG 1010

2. AG 0020

AG 2020

3. Relock Premium

Relock Premium

• Repositionable Breast Localization Needle
• One hands free
• Retractable hook with unique flexibility
• Accurate microcalcifications and mammary/pulmonary lesions targeting
• Echogenic needle tip for ultrasound use



• Allows the natural growth of tissue
• MRI Compatible with the smallest artifact
• Anti-migration shape
• Permanently visible under Ultrasound
• To be used after breast Vacuum Assisted Biopsy (VAB)/After breast critical Core Biopsy/Before breast Neoadjuvant Therapy

5. Surgimarc Premium

Surgimarc Premium

• Hands free breast localization needle/wire

6. Ductal Kit

Ductal Kit

• Galactography kit: X-Ray examination that uses mammography, a low-dose x-ray system and a contrast material to obtain pictures, called galactograms, of the inside of the breast milk ducts.

7. ColdSPOT

Cold Spot

• Pre-Frozen gel. Self-adhesive side tabs for targeted and effective inconspicuous cold treatment following minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures.

8. Screen Vision

Screen Vision

• Safely image, transport and process surgical breast specimen without losing orientation
• Precise anatomical assignment of sample margins
• Special stands allowing horizontal and vertical examination
• Light board for tissue fixing