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1. COSMOS Complex Coil


• Initial progressively-sized loops: First two loops smaller, allowing for better controlled deployment into the aneurysm
• Stability: Stable basket upon subsequent coil deployment, ability to concentrically fill
• Long Lengths provide for greater volume fill and extensive coverage
• Combination of unique variable-diameter loops with innovative deployment
• Stretch-resistent 10-System

2. LVIS (Microvention)


• LVIS: Low-profile Visualized Intraluminal Support
• The LVIS device is intended for use with embolic coils for the treatment of intracranial neurovascular diseases

3. PHIL (Microvention)

PHIL (Microvention)

• PHIL: Precipitating Hydrophobic Injectable Liquid
• The PHIL System is a non-adhesive liquid embolic agent comprised of a biocompatible polymer dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solvent. An Iodine component is covalently bonded to the polymer to provide homogenous fluoroscopic visualization
• The PHIL Liquid Embolic is intended for use in the embolization of lesions in the peripheral and neurovasculature, including arteriovenous malformations and hypervascular tumors
• Key Clinical Benefits: Ready to Use Device, Optimized Visibility, No Metallic Component

4. VFC Versatile Range Fill Coil

VFC Coil

• Revolutionary coil design with complex loops and waves: allows for improved coil distribution, greater packing density, and easier placement
• Single coil fills a range of diameters: Efficient aneurysm coiling, simplified coil selection, may significantly reduce coil inventory levels
• Long length options: Greater volume fill potential with a single coil
• Progressive diameter design: Less microcatheter movement, softer coil during deployment

5. HELICAL Microplex Coil System



FRED (Microvention)

• The FRED System: Flow Re-direction Endoluminal Device • The FRED System is a unique integrated dual-layer design that can be simultaneously deployed or partially retrieved by a single operator • Its self-expanding closed cell design improves ease of use while radiopaque end markers and helical strands assist device placement accuracy


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